Chili’s Restaurant Adopts Mobile Matradee

Feb 2012, Fulcrum Design announces Pepper Dinning’s Chili’s of Lowell, Massachusetts,  has adopted Mobile Matradee as their restaurant pager system solution Pepper Dinning, Inc is a franchise of Chili’s restaurants located throughout the Northeast and mid Atlantic region.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Scott Burrows, General Manager, completed a 3 month pilot of Mobile Matadee. According Mr. Burrows,  “Mobile Matradee works great and guests love it.  Mr. Burrows has lead the adopting of Mobile Matradee using an iPad with the handi holder attachment with is very comfortabe.  “The Ipad works great…much better than anticipate. It is way better than using a labtop.”

Brandon Munson, President of Fulcrum Design, LLC, stated ” Working with Scott we were able to customize a solution specific to Chili’s. We added an email collection features to increase the email captures through Mobile Matradee. An enhancement we’ll make available to current and feature clients.” Further more, “I am excited about the opportunity to work with Pepper Dinning, Inc. and look forward to the opportunity to serve additional locations as the opportunity presents itself.”

Mobile Matradee is a best of breed restaurant 3 in 1 text pager system that uses text and voice messaging, digital wait list and mobile marketing. Text pager systems such as Mobile Matradee, send a text or voice notification to the guest cell phone when their table is ready.  Mobile Matradee’s text pager system offers an integrated digital wait list, call a head setting and text and voice notification as well as an option email or text marketing application. Contact Brandon Munson at
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