How Offshoring Software Development Benefits You.

At Fulcrum Design we deploy a blend of domestic (U.S.A.) developers and off shore talent from central Asia, South American and Europe.  As a global company this brings us closers to many of customers around the world.

Shifting Trends in Software Development
Since software would reveal critical details about the company’s current business scenario and future plans, many companies in the past undertook software development in-house. But currently this trend is changing. More and more businesses in the US are outsourcing their software development and support functions to countries like India. Do you find this surprising? Read on.
Offshoring Software Development and Support and its Benefits
1. Significant Cost Saving
By offshoring software development you can save costs in a variety of ways:
a. Labor cost in the US is very high, while it is much lower in countries like India. So your overall project cost comes down.
b. Also you pay your offshore partner on a per project basis. When you have an in-house software development team, you have to pay out monthly salaries irrespective of whether there is development work or not.
c. The software developers are not your direct staff, so there is cost saving on work benefits, leave etc. You directly pay an agreed fee to the offshore company and there the matter ends.
d. You save costs of office space and equipment. By offshoring software development, it is possible to run an extremely lean and bare minimum organization.

2. Unbeatable Technical Expertise
India has a talented pool of software developers and by offshoring, you can be sure that some of the best and the brightest minds are working on your project. Additionally the keen competition in the offshore industry has resulted in high process standards within the industry. Offshore companies are committed to delivering high quality projects on time and within budget.

3. Enhanced Efficiency
The overall organizational efficiency increases when your office staff and the offshore team work simultaneously. Most offshore companies work round the clock (in 2 or 3 shifts. Labor is cheap, remember?) and ensure early completion of the project. Simultaneously, your team at home can get the marketing aspects into place. So you can have the big market launch of the software, much ahead of the competition and gain market advantage.

4. Greater Customer Satisfaction and Generation of Business
On completion of the project, most off shore companies provide 6 months to one year free 24×7 support to fix any likely bugs and glitches. So your customers are able to receive technical assistance any time of day or night, leading to greater customer satisfaction. And we all know that customer satisfaction is the first step to enhanced business.

Having seen the immense benefits of offshoring software development and support, the change in trend from in-house to offshore software development is not surprising any longer. If you are seeking software development feel free to contact us. Go to the Contact Us page.

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