Mobile Matradee – Comments for the Field

It’s apparent restaurant cell phone pagers are the future of the restaurant coaster pager and for good reasons. Cell phone text pagers are much less expensive than guest pager systems, far more effective and everyone has one i.e. cell phone.   Mobile Matradee developed one of the first cell phone pager solutions back in 2009 for the Max Restaurant Group in Hartford, Connecticut.  Max Burger has been using the system ever since with great results.  Dave & Busters put Mobile Matradee to the test and with stellar results we out performed an industry leader in guest pager systems.  As more and more restaurants and business realize the cell phone pager can be an effective tool to reduce costs and enhance the guest experience we see the future and it’s Mobile Matradee.

This Page will highlight comments from the field, actual restaurants and guests who experiencing Mobile Matadee first hand.

The Ipad worked great…much better than anticipated.  It is way better than using the laptop.  I also bought an item called “hand-e-holder”  which also the host the hold the unit very comfortably.  Scott, GM, at Chili’s, Pepper Dinning

Chilis Staff Enjoying the benefits of Mobile Matradee on the iPad 2

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