Mobile VIP Kiosk
SMS Loyalty Kiosk On Time, On Point, On Target Marketing

Mobile VIP Loyalty Kiosk is an affordable customer loyalty text messaging service with the potential to build your marketing list 5 up to 5 times faster than a traditional keyword text in campaign.

The Business Case 

From a merchant’s perspective the SMS loyalty kiosk system is a much more effective and easier way to build marketing list and reward your customers for their loyalty.  Customers don’t have to text into a short code, which many don’t know how to do. Or write down their email address on slip of paper which is hardly legible. Furthermore it’s easy, customers just tap in their name and cell number for example, to earn points towards their next visit. Customers are drawn to the kiosks out of curiosity, especially when it positioned near the check out.  The Merchant benefits from setting the number of required check-ins required to earn a reward, unlike other types of promotion, such as daily deals, email clubs or even traditional mobile marketing that requires blasting a deep discount to drive traffic.  By setting the number of check-ins the merchant doesn’t have to discount and can count of revenue for purchases for each check-in prior to the customer earning a reward.  In other words the ROI is much greater and doesn’t diminish your pricing.
Mobile VIP includes broadcast campaigns, keyword and autoresponder campaigns, a full array of reports along with many other options. Mobile VIP is a comprehensive marketing solution offering an effective means to reach your target audience anytime any place. In fact, SMS text marketing response rate is approximately 18%, versus 2-3% for other marketing mediums.In the United States alone there are more than 219 million cell phone users. 97% of all text messages being sent are read. More than 80% of cell phone users keep their phone with them through out the day. The most direct marketing is mobile marketing with Mobile VIP.

Mobile VIP is a well established text marketing services successfully used by large and small businesses alike, such as the New York Jets to the Connecticut Science Center. What makes Mobile VIP stand out above the rest is our superior services, affordability and the fact we are mobile technology developers.  Successful mobile marketing services have to be easy to use yet afford a broad range of capabilities beyond just text marketing. Mobile VIP is design with versitility in mind as a mobile marketing platform that provides and “all in one solution”.

Mobile VIP capabilities include:

  • Broadcast marketing
  • Loyalty Kiosk
  • Geo Location marketing
  • Mobile couponing with or without QR codes
  • WAP push (mobile website)
  • Interactive mobile application i.e. trivia
  • Text Flirt
  • Text to Screen  (cinimia advertising)
  • Text to video
  • Mobile website creator
  • Web widget
  • Set and forget campaign scheduler
  • Sorting by keyword or groups
  • CRM

Contact us for a white label solution or a custom build to meet your needs. 203-715-4780