Queue Mobile
The Virtual Waiting Line Customer Satisfaction System

Queue Mobile™ is a powerful queue management system capable of managing multiple virtual waiting lines by one person or multiple departments. Higher Education, Great for hospitals,  ambulatory care centers, department of motor vehicles, pharmacies, retail shops or any business or organization requiring waiting lines.  Queue Mobile™ goes beyond the typical queue management system by creating virtual waiting lines enabling customers to avoid standing in line or huddled in a waiting room.

Queue Mobile Difference
What makes Queue Mobile™ unlike other queue management systems is its integration with SMS text messaging technology, thus creating a virtual waiting line. Queue Mobile can manage up to 12 virtual waiting lines at a time.    Queue Mobile sends a text or voice message alerting your customers when it is thier turn. Customers can interact with the queue through texting commands to the system. They can check their status, leave the queue even request additional time.  Customers enjoy the freedom to shop or grab a bite to eat rather than waiting in place.They can even check their status in line.

Queue Mobile™ Fast Pass – Same Day Appointments
Queue Mobile is the most flexible queuing system on the market. Queue Mobile offers three modes, each mode integrates our SMS Text messaging alerts and reminders to assure customers make their appointments;
Standard Walk Up mode with optional web widget customer portal.
Fast Pass is a Same Day Appointment mode and a customer/patient self-serve appointment portal. Client can determine appointment intervals from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. Patients/customers use our iPad App and select the appointment interval that is best for them that day. We even including a setting to enable clients to overbook appointment times.
Appointment mode is a web-based calendar that is embedded on the client’s website to enable patients or customers make appointments.  Our API will sync with your appointment calendar in order to keep everyone on the same page.

Reporting and Analytics
We offer a number of reports including the number of Customers Seen, number of Customers who left before being seen, average wait times per queue, etc.





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