Fulcrum Design focuses on the solution not the problem. Many of clients start with us as a result of a problem no one else can solve. Through our strategic thinking approach to development we only see problems as opportunities in need of a solution. They synergy between our clients and our teams results in outcomes that far surpass expectations.

We specialize in the following solutions sets:

  1. Software and development
  2. Mobile applications
  3. SMS applications and campaigns
  4. SMS and digital display queue systems
  5. Geo location services
  6. Text marketing
  7. Application interfaces
  8. Electronic medical record
  9. Achieving Meaningful Use
  10. Share-point Services

Markets and industries we provide for:

  1. Marketing and Advertising agencies
  2. Corporate broadcast
  3. Restaurant & hospitality
  4. Medical practices & hospitals
  5. Colleges and universities
  6. Sports teams & entertainment complexes