Health Care

Queue Mobile’s Hospital and Health Care Pager System.

The Queue Mobile Hospital and Health Care Pager system are unlike the costly and unsanitary restaurant coaster pagers.  Queue Mobile harnesses the power and precision of Short Message Service (SMS) technology to turn any patient, family member or physician’s cell phone into a paging device.  It’s as simple as the following:

  1. Staff logins into a encrypted pager portal
  2. Enters the patient or family members name and cell number in the respective queue (digital wait list)
  3. Clicks “Text” or “Call” to notify the patient when its time for their appointment.
  4. Records patients visit with a click or
  5. Transfers patient to a follow up service, i.e. lab queue or imaging queue.

Patients and families love the freedom to roam and avoid being clustered in a waiting room of sick people. Staff  appreciate a less tense waiting room and ability manage and monitor their virtual wait lists.

Infection Control

A 2010 investigative report by CBS News in Philadelphia study found 7 out 9 guest pagers randomly tested from restaurants in Philadelphia tested positive for Staph bacteria.  An unnecessary infection control exposure at a time CMS is linking reimbursement to infection rates and readmission.  Bottom line sharing pagers with patients, families and staff is an unacceptable infection control risk.   What’s the solution?

Power of Mobile

The ubiquitous cell phone is the solution.  Think about it, everyone is texting.  These modern pagers system are referred to as Cell Phone Text Pagers or Hospital Text Pagers.   Cell phone text pagers are highly effective for a couple reasons:

  1. 8.5 out 10 American’s have a cell phone
  2. 97% of all text messages are ready and 87% or read instantly
  3. Cell phones are not shared thus they don’t pass contagion.


How are cell phone text pager systems used in healthcare and what are some of the advantages:

  • Increase patient satisfaction through pleasant wait experience
  • System acquisition cost is small
  • Flexible, easy to use and customize SaaS application
  • Set up and training requires minimal money and time
  • No priority equipment required, just broadband and a browser
  • Scalable with 1 to 5000 patients
  • Widest area of coverage in a pager system – equal to carrier coverage in you area
  • No one can walk off with your pager.

Following are lists of advantage points for the major modes of healthcare messaging and paging:

  • Staff-to-patient (waitroom)
  • Staff-to-staff (local and wide-area)
  • Doctor paging (local and wide-area)
  • Patient-to-staff (check status in queue, leave queue or request more time)

Example of inpatient paging use:

  • Protect privacy/ compliance with HIPAA by reducing or eliminating over head paging.
  • Free up patients and families from crowded wait rooms.
  • Allow patients or families to wander, visit cafeteria or gift shop or enjoy the grounds.
  • Send private text instructions to patients to direct them to a destination or call a number.
  • Alert or message patients either singly or in groups.

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